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Callie and Queenie’s Ocean Adventure

August 1, 2009

This is a story that we received from one of our forum members where she writes about her pet and her friend’s pet having a great adventure sailing the ocean on the Viking Ship! ;)

Written by: Lady Yolan (hentai)

‘I’ve been watching TV for the whole week, and it’s getting boring.’ Callie stretched himself with a yawn.

His girlfriend Queenie smiled, ‘How about going out to get some fresh air?’

‘Oh, I have spent too much money on shopping for those new items last Monday… I won’t go again unless there’s another summer sale for the garden shop!’ Callie lamented.

‘Nope, I don’t mean going shopping. My best friend has just brought a Viking ship, so we may borrow it and take a sail along the coastline.’ Queenie suggested excitedly.

‘Wow, is this for real?’ Callie yelled happily.


The next day, Callie and Queenie went on the Viking ship and sailed to the ocean.

‘Look! There’re so many jellyfish babies floating in the middle of the sea!’ said Queenie.


‘Let’s go and take a closer look!’ Callie responded.

‘Good idea!’ replied Queenie.

They jumped into the sea swiftly.


Later, the ship anchored off at a beautiful sandy beach on an isolated island. Callie and Queenie made a sand castle, and play ball games together.

They had so much fun.


As Queenie climbed over the rocks to get back the ball, she saw a dolphin which got stranded up in a shallow bay!

Being a rabbit, she didn’t possess the strength to push the cute dolphin back to the sea.

‘Callie, come over here, I need your help!’

‘Oh that’s bad…’ Callie replied and jumped down from the top of the rock.

‘You must save her! Please!’ cried Queenie.

‘Don’t worry, I’ll handle this.’

Callie tried his best to lift her up, slowly walked to the middle of the sea, and put her back into the deep ocean.

The cute dolphin swung her tail as if saying goodbye, and disappeared in the far end of the horizon.


After the rescue, Callie was so exhausted that he fell asleep under the cupcake tree nearby.

‘Thanks, Callie.’ Queenie smiled happily.

She decided to bake an apple pie, which was Callie’s favourite food, of course served with his favourite maple syrups!



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