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Bee Tribal!

April 20, 2009

Hey Pet Society fans! This week’s item release has just occurred so sign onto Pet Society via either Facebook or MySpace to check out everything that’s new!

In the Mystery Store you will find the Glitter Apple, which is the first of a new series of mysterious foods being introduced that are perishable. This means that the food will only last for a certain period of time (you are told the time period prior to purchase), so your pet needs to eat it before it expires! These items will also have a timer clock over them while in your chest to give an indication of the time remaining until they disappear. Unlike standard foods which increase your pet’s health, when eaten mysterious foods will cause a magical effect to occur instead, the effect is only temporary and has a set time period. If you wish to remove the effect sooner, Effect Away has also been introduced to the Mystery Store, when your pet drinks this, the current effect will cease.

Glitter Apple

Effect Away

If your pet wants to head out of town for a change of scenery this tribal outfit and the Inca Panpipes will keep your pet happy!

Tribal Shirt (Clothes)

Tribal Headdress (Clothes)

Tribal Pants (Clothes)

Inca Panpipes (Luxury) (TWS)

Lily’s spring collection keeps growing with this cute bee outfit, daisy crowns, and some leafy shades in the Clothes Store!

Bee Dress

Bee Hairband

Pink Daisy Crown (TWS)

Leafy Green Shades (TWS)

Daisy Crown

The Furniture Store has more variety for your pet’s kitchen, along with some new plants and a panda doll that needs a good home. Plus, although April Fool’s has past, the extraordinary movie poster is now available as a This Week’s Special (TWS) item! The royal set has another new addition this week – the Royal Wardrobe. And finally, the Vintage Metal Chest would be a stylish addition to any room!

Deluxe Dark Wall Cabinet

Dark Wooden Mirror

Daisy Picture

Simple Kitchen Chalkboard

Rolling Pin

Spider Plant

Panda Doll

Mini Cactus Collection (TWS)

Pets Movie Poster (TWS)

Royal Wardrobe

Vintage Metal Trunk (TWS)

The Luxury Store is ready for the great outdoors with this fantastic BBQ! Also, Felicity introduces the Chrome Spiral Staircase to help your pet go round and round while going up and down!

Gas BBQ Grill

Chrome Spiral Staircase

This week the Gadget Store has a set of speakers to outfit your pet’s entertainment area! Additionally, E.M.I.L.I.A has sourced some great new lamps, and a vacuum cleaner to ensure your pet’s home remains sparkling clean! ;)

Vertical Speaker

Center Speaker

Satellite Speaker

Red Desk Lamp

Cherry Blossom Lamp

Blue Vacuum Cleaner

The D.I.Y. Store introduces a black version of the terracotta tiles this week, along with a stunning stained glass panel, and some brick wallpaper for ‘outside’ or as a feature wall!

Black Terracotta Tile

Tree Stained Glass Panel (TWS)

Red Brick Wall

Bunnies here, there and everywhere!

April 6, 2009

Hey Pet Society fans! Pet Society is celebrating the holidays! All items labeled ‘Holiday’ will be in stores for two weeks (but may be available again at some point in the future)!

The Furniture Store introduces the Spring Basket which you can place all those eggs in that you have been collecting from the trees around Pet Society (the holiday toys also look very cute in the basket)! Plus a few other things to decorate your pet’s home these holidays!

Spring Basket (Holiday)

Bunny Wreath (Holiday)

Daffodil Basket (Holiday)

Baby Chick Doll (Holiday)

Elegant Iris (Holiday)


The Food Store has many delicious holiday treats! When your pet eats a Chocolate Egg Surprise or a White Choc Egg Surprise, as the name suggests, you will find a surprise inside! :)

White Choc Bunny (Holiday)

Chocolate Egg (Holiday)

Chocolate Bunny (Holiday)

Matzo (Holiday)

Coconut Macaroon (Holiday)

Chocolate Egg Surprise (Holiday)

White Choc Egg Surprise (Holiday)

Lily continues the feeling of spring and the holidays in the Clothes Store with these new arrivals!

Butterfly Hairband (Holiday)

Daffodil Dress (Holiday)

Green Ballet Shoes (Holiday)

If your pet gets lost while out hunting eggs, and instead tumbles down a rabbit hole, the Clothes Store has the perfect outfit for you!

Wonderland Tunic

Bunny Ears

New to the Furniture Store this week are some adorable chairs, some more accessories for your kitchen, plus a few other items for various rooms in your pet’s home!

Bunny Chair

Teddy Chair

Panda Chair

Spaghetti Jar

Wooden Chopping Board

Stainless Steel Cutlery

White Kitchen Shelf

Small White Table

Classic Double Wall Lamp

Princess Dressing Mirror

Wall Mount Makeup Mirror

Felicity has been thinking pink this week, with this gorgeous new Dreamy Princess Bed, and This Week’s Special: the Bubblegum Pink Lip Couch, in the Luxury Store!

Dreamy Princess Bed

Bubblegum Pink Lip Couch (TWS)

Rounding out this week’s new items are these additions to the D.I.Y. Store!

Black Framed Gate

Deep Night Sky Wallpaper

Black Framed Window

Where has your Mayor Doll been?

April 4, 2009

Since the recent long-awaited release of the Mayor Doll, we thought it would be interesting to find out what you all were doing with your Mayor Dolls! We found out that your Mayor Dolls had been far and wide, from Alien Abduction (thanks Mr. Brightside), to Pumpin’s Mini Amphitheatre (thanks anikanoronha), to admiring himself in the Bathroom Mirror (thanks mariamB)!

Here are a few of our favourites! We hope you enjoy them!

Collette Duong‘s Mayor Doll sits in her Mayor ritual place!

This is what she had to say:

Why is your Mayor Doll there?

“So I can praise the Mayor of Pet Society!”

What does your Mayor Doll think of Haruko’s trumpet playing?

“He thinks Haruko’s trumpet playing is very loud and proud! *I think she’s playing the ‘Mayor Lover’ anthem*”

What is your Mayor Doll doing there?

“Playing with fire! :) Bad Mayor, LOL!”

Does your Mayor Doll play with fire often? Why?

“Yes, he loves fire! [He plays with it] because he is next to the candles!”

colormyworld‘s Mayor Doll is hidden away, working hard!

Here is what she had to say:

Where is your Mayor Doll?

“Secret hidden labyrinth library that only pets who have cleared the security clearance may enter (like Spiggee).”

Why is your Mayor Doll there?

“To work!”

What is your Mayor Doll doing there?

“He’s shy and should never be seen! [He doesn’t] like being in the limelight like the powerful pets, so he, the evil genius behind them, researches [secretly] on his specialisation: ‘pets to take over the entire world!'”

How did Spiggee gain the honour of working in the Mayor’s secret library?

“Well Spiggee is a pirate in disguise; he sails round infiltrating pirate ships and capturing all of the big bad wolves (scammers) out there. Of course, his main goal is not the small little pirates (scammers) but people who teach them to scam (the boss) and to date he has found one! Due to that, he has gained the honour of working in the secret library.”

Bams‘ Mayor Doll had an interesting tour of Chester’s home!

Here is Chester’s story:

“Chester invited the Mayor for tea at his home. As soon as word of the Mayor’s visit [reached] the public, the paparazzi came flocking to our gate (some even hired helicopters to get a clear shot of our dear Mayor).

We decided to take the Mayor inside, away from the flashlights and the buzzing reporters and to entertain our guest Chester picked up the guitar and played him a song. The Mayor was a bit shocked by the kind of music that Chester played.

Then we took him to the study for a quiet chat on the recent economy of the Society and we showed him our new salt water aquarium. The Mayor was looking a bit uncomfortable because Chester was sitting too close and kept staring at him with adoring eyes!

When it was time for [the Mayor] to go home he asked to use the toilet, but once again he got another shock by finding a koala on the toilet! :o And I believe the koala was a bit shocked too to have the Mayor visiting his domain.

We asked him to pay us a visit again if he’s not busy, but he just mumbled his goodbye, waved, and left hurriedly home.

We’re somewhat glad that we didn’t take him to see our bedroom! :D”


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