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*bzzt* E.M.I.L.I.A’s been busy! *bleep*

April 13, 2009

Hey Pet Society fans! Our weekly item release has just gone live, so sign onto Pet Society via either Facebook or MySpace now to check out everything that’s new! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be removed from stores at midnight GMT on Monday, the 20th of April (but may be available again at some point in the future).

Preston has many new items in the Furniture Store this week; there are some more accessories for your pet’s kitchen and bathroom; as well as a little magic for your pet’s home with the Aladdin Oil Lamp and the Teru Teru Bozu. Preston found a carpenter recently who makes the perfect desk for all your pet’s computing needs, while he was ordering the desks in, he also spotted a brand new bed, so decided to order that as well. Finally, the Elegant Calla Lily and Classic Lamp Post will help brighten up any room.

Apple Oven Glove

Apple Apron

Apple Pot Holder

Simple White Egg Shelf

Simple Basket

Deluxe Shower Set

Aladdin Oil Lamp

Teru Teru Bozu

Basic Desk

Dark Wooden Bed

Elegant Calla Lily (TWS)

Classic Lamp Post (TWS)

For a more traditional relaxing experience than the Jacuzzis, the Luxury Store introduces the Wooden Hot Tub! Additionally, Pampered Pets Inc. has provided a small release of red jukeboxes to Felicity this week.

Wooden Hot Tub

Classic Red Jukebox (TWS)

E.M.I.L.I.A has been extremely busy this week sourcing everything she could find for all of your computing and gaming needs in the Gadget Store! If you place your PetUltra Desktop Computer near your Flat Screen Monitor, when your pet interacts with either one, a different screen will show on the monitor. Similarly, if you place your Galaxy2000 Game Console close to your television, when your pet interacts with either one, a gaming screen will show on the television.

And just to prove that E.M.I.L.I.A has not slept all week, she also has brand new microwaves in stock!

Flat Screen Monitor

PetUltra Desktop Computer

Galaxy2000 Game Console

Galaxy2000 Game Controller

DVD Collection

Game Collection

Stainless Steel Microwave

Pink Microwave (TWS)

The D.I.Y. Store has a new door and window set this week, which definitely lives up to its name (classy)😛; and a new flooring option.

Black Classy Window

Black Classy Door

Red Terracotta Tile

Lily has a South American inspired outfit this week in the Clothes Store; plus she continues her floral dresses with the Bluebell Dress and introduces some new bows!

Gaucho Hat

Gaucho Shirt

Cute Blue Ribbon

Bluebell Dress (TWS)

Cute Pink Ribbon


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