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Garden Paradise Week!

March 15, 2012

NEW FEATURE finally here in Pet Society – CRAFTING ! This exciting feature offers really cool items like the Garden Grand Entrance Gate for FREE if you are able to craft all the components of that item before they expire!

How it works: The player needs to collect all parts to craft an item. When he collects part 1, part 2 will start building. It will take each part a certain amount of time to build. Once the part is built, the player can collect this part. This item is available for craft for a LIMITED period only. All parts need to be collected so that the player gets the item. After the time for crafting expires the item can be bought for cash. Individual parts may or may not be available for cash.

Its time to wear on some gloves and begin CRAFTING! Have fun with it!

Also Introducing  A NEW DIGGING SITE! Head to the Treasure Map to check out the Garden Paradise Digging Map! You will need to craft the key to unlock this map, which is the Garden Light Statue I. Some real gorgeous treasures are in store for you!


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