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Birthday Competition Winners Announced!

August 8, 2009

Pet Society is now one year old, that’s right, exactly one year ago, Pet Society was released! As you can imagine, back then the stores weren’t nearly as packed, and some of our current stores didn’t exist at all! To celebrate our first birthday, we recently held the Pet Society Birthday Competition, and today it’s time to announce the lucky winners!

The level of enthusiasm and effort that was shown for the Pet Society Birthday Competition was unbelievable! With thousands of entries, we were overwhelmed by the talent shown! We received everything from short stories and poems to artwork, comics and videos to show us how you would spend a million coins! Whether you were planning on sharing with friends, buying everything in the luxury store, having the biggest ever cake, creating your own ATM, having a cheese supply that never runs out, taking over the village (poor Mayor), or simply being completely unsure how you would count so many coins, we loved reading and viewing your entries!

Now, the news you’ve all been waiting for, the winners! Our nine category winners will each receive a massive 100,000 coins each, and our lucky overall winner will be awarded with one million coins!

The overall winner of the competition and new Millionaire, for excelling in so many of the categories, and presenting it all in an incredible song and video production is Brett and his pet Bubbles! Everyone needs to see this outstanding entry, so be sure to check it out here! Congratulations Brett, ensure you spend your coins with “no regrets”!

The winner for Most Creative is Elizabeth with a very well written poem and a truck-load of fish which you can read here! Congratulations Elizabeth!

Taking home the title of Most Fun is Kirsten who sent her pet Yoda on a great adventure, you can check it out here! Congratulations Kirsten!

Making us all laugh, and hence winning the Most Humorous category is Diana, who knew an argument could be so entertaining. Ensure you laugh as well by viewing it here! Congratulations Diana!

Most Original has been won by Maged with an inventive video and countless seeds, ensure you watch it here! Congratulations Maged!

Ardy has taken the title of Best Use of Technology, to ensure you are well informed about Ardy’s pet’s plans, watch his skilfully crafted masterpiece here! Congratulations Ardy!

Demonstrating her dreams for a million coins in real life with her pet has won Hana the award of Most Resourceful, ensure you view the photographs of Oinky’s million coins plan here! Congratulations Hana!

The winner of Best Use of Cheese is Maegan with an intriguing piece of art of her pet Jayla which you can view here! Congratulations Maegan!

Gina has impressed us all with the fantastic visual journey she took us on to win the Most Impressive category, if you wish to be amazed, view her entry here! Congratulations Gina!

Most Cute has been won by Jorge who presented us with an adorable picture accompanied by some very sweet plans, you can read and view Jorge’s entry here! Congratulations Jorge!

Congratulations to all of our winners, Playfish will be contacting each of you shortly so that you can claim your prize!


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