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Birthday Competition Winners Announced!

August 8, 2009

Pet Society is now one year old, that’s right, exactly one year ago, Pet Society was released! As you can imagine, back then the stores weren’t nearly as packed, and some of our current stores didn’t exist at all! To celebrate our first birthday, we recently held the Pet Society Birthday Competition, and today it’s time to announce the lucky winners!

The level of enthusiasm and effort that was shown for the Pet Society Birthday Competition was unbelievable! With thousands of entries, we were overwhelmed by the talent shown! We received everything from short stories and poems to artwork, comics and videos to show us how you would spend a million coins! Whether you were planning on sharing with friends, buying everything in the luxury store, having the biggest ever cake, creating your own ATM, having a cheese supply that never runs out, taking over the village (poor Mayor), or simply being completely unsure how you would count so many coins, we loved reading and viewing your entries!

Now, the news you’ve all been waiting for, the winners! Our nine category winners will each receive a massive 100,000 coins each, and our lucky overall winner will be awarded with one million coins!

The overall winner of the competition and new Millionaire, for excelling in so many of the categories, and presenting it all in an incredible song and video production is Brett and his pet Bubbles! Everyone needs to see this outstanding entry, so be sure to check it out here! Congratulations Brett, ensure you spend your coins with “no regrets”!

The winner for Most Creative is Elizabeth with a very well written poem and a truck-load of fish which you can read here! Congratulations Elizabeth!

Taking home the title of Most Fun is Kirsten who sent her pet Yoda on a great adventure, you can check it out here! Congratulations Kirsten!

Making us all laugh, and hence winning the Most Humorous category is Diana, who knew an argument could be so entertaining. Ensure you laugh as well by viewing it here! Congratulations Diana!

Most Original has been won by Maged with an inventive video and countless seeds, ensure you watch it here! Congratulations Maged!

Ardy has taken the title of Best Use of Technology, to ensure you are well informed about Ardy’s pet’s plans, watch his skilfully crafted masterpiece here! Congratulations Ardy!

Demonstrating her dreams for a million coins in real life with her pet has won Hana the award of Most Resourceful, ensure you view the photographs of Oinky’s million coins plan here! Congratulations Hana!

The winner of Best Use of Cheese is Maegan with an intriguing piece of art of her pet Jayla which you can view here! Congratulations Maegan!

Gina has impressed us all with the fantastic visual journey she took us on to win the Most Impressive category, if you wish to be amazed, view her entry here! Congratulations Gina!

Most Cute has been won by Jorge who presented us with an adorable picture accompanied by some very sweet plans, you can read and view Jorge’s entry here! Congratulations Jorge!

Congratulations to all of our winners, Playfish will be contacting each of you shortly so that you can claim your prize!

Birthday Competition – Millionaire

August 8, 2009

Our grand prize winner, who has won an amazing 1,000,000 coins, is Brett and of course his pet Bubbles! Brett’s song and video excelled in many of the categories as it is very impressive, resourceful, original, creative, fun and makes great use of technology! We aren’t quite sure if Bubbles liked having his face replaced by Brett’s, but we could tell that Brett certainly enjoyed it. So we really hope he will be “one content civilian” now that he has “slightly less than 40 billion”! Congratulations Brett, enjoy the boxes, fish, ladybug, bunny, gadgets, koala, blue bubble chair and whatever else you choose to spend it on (we’re sure your friends are really hoping there is a little left over for your neighbour pets)! Playfish will contact you shortly so that you can claim your prize!

Birthday Competition – Most Cute

August 8, 2009

The title of Most Cute goes to Jorge and his pet Kokes. Jorge created this excessively cute image, and wanted to make his girlfriend’s dreams come true if he won a million coins (awwwwww)! Congratulations Jorge, your artwork is adorable and made us all want for you to be able to spoil your girlfriend (even though the 100,000 coins you have won will be added to your account not hers, we are sure you can afford to get her some great gifts)! Playfish will contact you shortly so that you can claim your prize!

If I had a million Pet Society Coins… Honestly I would like them to be added into my Girlfriend´s Pet (Marie Cupcake), so she can have anything she wants, give away to whomever she feels like.

Why? Well I can only tell that I prefer her beautiful smile!:)


Birthday Competition – Most Resourceful

August 8, 2009

Hana and her pet Oinky have won the Most Resourceful category, and 100,000 coins to spend on Pet Society! Going on the Ellen Show may not be every pet’s dream, but it would mean so much to Oinky (and Moinky), and Hana has obviously spent a lot of effort in her entry detailing how this would be achieved (if she won a million coins) via a real life demonstration! And in case that wasn’t ingenious enough (which it is, but anyway), she also included a real life cat (also known as the polar bear plushie)! Congratulations Hana, Playfish will contact you shortly so that you can claim your prize!
















Birthday Competition – Most Impressive

August 8, 2009

Gina and her pet Bloop have won the title for Most Impressive, with this stunning cartoon! The graphics are delightful, and the entire piece is a fantastic visual journey. With dreams of fish, baking delicious food, and a golden tree, Bloop definitely knows what he wants, although obviously is not so clear on the implementation, luckily he has friends! It may not be a million, but hopefully Bloop now knows that food is better bait than coins when going fishing, as Gina has won 100,000 coins! Congratulations Gina, Playfish will contact you shortly so that you can claim your prize!

(Click the thumbnail to view Gina’s entry.)


Birthday Competition – Most Original

August 8, 2009

Purchasing the world’s biggest seed, to grow a tree that produces endless seeds to share with friends has won Maged the title of Most Original and 100,000 coins to spend in Pet Society! Maged’s video is not only unique and inventive, but comes with a reminder about looking after our planet! Congratulations on this highly creative and fun piece Maged, Playfish will contact you shortly so that you can claim your prize!

Birthday Competition – Best Use of Technology

August 8, 2009

Logan’s Evil Plans, despite being slightly evil, has won the award for Best Use of Technology, and 100,000 coins! We trust that the 100,000, as opposed to a million, will not be enough to allow the evil plan to complete, and hence our current Mayor should remain safe! Ardy’s video has been put together very skilfully, with everything in perfect sync. And it’s also a lot of fun, which is fine as long as it never actually eventuates, otherwise many pets may be arrested for “illegal cuteness”, and we wouldn’t want that! Congratulations Ardy, Playfish will contact you shortly so that you can claim your prize!

Birthday Competition – Most Fun

August 8, 2009

Kirsten and her pet Yoda have won the title of Most Fun and 100,000 coins for Yoda’s amazing world-wide adventures, and despite a little run in with the Mayor over importing some un-declared cheese, the idea of using the prize money to supply not only Yoda, but the Mayor with various delicious cheeses by teleporting all over the universe is a winner! Plus, the cartoon is very well crafted, so congratulations Kirsten! Playfish will contact you shortly so that you can claim your prize!

(Click the thumbnails to view Kirsten’s entry.)






Birthday Competition – Most Creative

August 8, 2009

With a truly well written poem, and for being a very original entry, Elizabeth takes home the title of Most Creative! We hope you have a bit more luck down at the pond than what’s portrayed in your poem, but if not initially, maybe buying some additional bait with some of your 100,000 coins will help! Congratulations Elizabeth, Playfish will contact you shortly so that you can claim your prize!

Amongst the rocks, the moss and fronds
three pets sat at the edge of the pond
each held a rod, so determined and tight
but alas, there was nothing
not a single bite.

“Blast these fish!” One pet cried
“We’re not gonna catch one,
no matter how hard we try!”
The second looked on
in an effort for a catch.
He jiggled his rod,
for just one little snatch.

“You’re right, it is hopeless!”
The second one wailed
“No matter how hard we work
we’ve always failed!”

But the third stayed still
deep in thought,
and after a moment, he pushed his brow taut.
“No matter then, friends,
there’s always tomorrow.”
So the three packed their things
and left for their burrows.

Later that night, the lottery was drawn
the third pet listened, and stifled a yawn.
“Three, four, sixty nine and eight”
The third’s eye’s widened-
it must have been fate!
While the last number was formally announced
the third pet waited, in his seat he bounced…

The next morning the old pets, one and two;
Arrived at their pond but looked lost and confused.
For instead of the third pet, they found a large truck
but after a moment, reality struck.

As the truck backed towards the pond
frightening the critters, and squishing the fronds.
At the sound of its horn
it tipped all its goods.
Bountiful fish galore!
The two pets stood in awe
they had never seen so many fish before!

The third pet arrived with a smile of glee
“Our problems are over, can you see?
I won the million, and remembered the fish
so I thought I’d grant our common wish!
I bought these fish to put in our pond
So we have something to catch
while we sit in the fronds!”

And so amongst the rocks, the moss and fronds
three pets sat at the edge of the pond
each held a rod, so determined and tight
but this time, there was something!
The fish, they’d bite!

Birthday Competition – Best Use of Cheese

August 8, 2009

Maegan’s drawing of her pet Jayla has won the award for the Best Use of Cheese and 100,000 coins! We really appreciated Maegan’s simplistic and subtle approach! Her artwork is outstanding, plus it was quite an original use of cheese! Congratulations Maegan, Playfish will contact you shortly so that you can claim your prize!



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