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Acacia has a dream…

June 27, 2009

This is a story that we received from Yiling where she writes about her pet Acacia finding her talent!😉

Written by: Yiling (Lol is 4 Lollipop)

Acacia had grown up having had a smooth, happy childhood and led a peaceful life, never daring to venture out of her comfort zone. Every day she would visit her friends, do some races, do some shopping and housekeeping, and that was about it. Oh yes, and playing with her dolls.


Though each day was set in an organised routine she was accustomed with, Acacia always felt that she must go out there and actually do something to live her dreams.

Acacia thought that helping Lily out in the clothes shop would be quite a good job, since she was very into fashion.

But she kept finding herself losing concentration and wandering away from the service desk because she was distracted by all the beautiful clothes there, leaving a lot of customers waiting for a long time.



Lily was displeased with her, so she left the clothes store, feeling depressed and unmotivated.


She then thought that helping out in the community by bumping trees for wasted coins would be an excellent business, since she would actually make quite a lot of money herself by doing so. But that was pretty much a failure. On the left is the number of coins she started with on the first round, and on the right is how much she had when she finished.



The Pet Volunteers committee did not trust her abilities anymore, so Acacia had to leave and do something new. While she was still feeling down, her friend encouraged her to try applying for Petlympics track team trials at the stadium. Filled with passion once again, Acacia decided to have a go wearing her sportiest outfit. But still it didn’t help. She always forgot when to start…


Kept falling all over the place… And always ended up being last…



Acacia lost hope completely. She had no idea where to go next. What should she do?


Just when Acacia was crying herself to sleep every night, a new pet came into town. He was a gardener who volunteered to train Acacia. At first, Acacia wasn’t all that interested in gardening. But after seeing her first garden design, her new teacher was very pleased, and announced proudly that he had found a budding new talent. Acacia, happy and excited, put in all her effort and created a unique, tasteful indoor garden to enter the annual Pet Florists Contest.


She won first prize – The Garden Bee Award! Acacia was so happy that she had finally achieved a great goal!



Acacia learnt that everyone is different and has unique skills and abilities, and that they can each achieve their dreams in a way that is suitable for them. She is feeling so hopeful and optimistic towards the future now that she has a purpose once again, and nothing, absolutely nothing, can ever stop her from now on!


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