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Pet Society meets Dia de Portugal

June 8, 2009

Hey Pet Society fans! The weekly item release has just occurred, so sign onto Pet Society via Facebook to explore everything that is new this week! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 15th of June, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Portugal Day is on June 10, so play a Guitarra Portuguesa, pick up a Galo De Barcelos, install a Belem Tower View Window or eat some Bolinhos De Bacalhau and Pasteis De Belem to experience the culture and help celebrate!




Guitarra Portuguesa (Luxury)

Galo De Barcelos (Furniture) (TWS)

Belem Tower View Window (D.I.Y.) (TWS)



Bolinhos De Bacalhau (Food) (TWS)

Pasteis De Belem (Café)

Give your pet’s home a rustic feel with these new arrivals!




Dark Country Chair (Furniture)

Dark Condiment Holder (Furniture)

Brass Ceiling Fan (Luxury)



Dark Country Chest (Furniture)

Dark Country Dining Table (Furniture)



Dark Country Shelf (D.I.Y.)

Gas Lantern (Gadget)

Preston does not stop with the country furniture this week, but also has this adorable Royal Guard Doll (please don’t tell the doll I said this, he thinks he’s tough), as well as the Pink Chalk Board in the Furniture Store.



Royal Guard Doll

Pink Chalk Board (TWS)

To ensure your pet does not overheat this summer, Felicity introduces some ceiling fans in the Luxury Store, to enable plenty of air circulation!


White Ceiling Fan (TWS)

If the treadmill wasn’t quite your pet’s style, but you still want your pet to get fit, Terrence has the solution with the Pet Wheel in the Cash Shop! Also, take your celebrations to the next level with the highly decorative Celebration Cake introduced this week! Turn back time (not literally) with the Captain’s Wheel, Antique Sink Cabinet and Table Pendulum Clock. And finally, race around town wearing the new Crow Winged Boots!



Pet Wheel

Celebration Cake



Captain’s Wheel

Antique Sink Cabinet



Table Pendulum Clock

Crow Winged Boots

E.M.I.L.I.A believes every pet’s home needs to install a fire alarm for safety reasons, so she has some available, just for you, in the Gadget Store! Additionally, if pink ironing boards were not quite enough pink for you, check out the pink electric iron!



Fire Alarm

Pink Electric Iron (TWS)

Lily has been sewing all week to be able to introduce the Shirt With Beige Vest, Polka Dot Summer Dress and Golden Marching Dress to the Clothes Store.




Shirt With Beige Vest

Polka Dot Summer Dress

Golden Marching Dress (TWS)

Finally, Grumble has some fantastic new tiling options in the D.I.Y. Depot!



Cute Country Tile

Traditional Ceramic Tile

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind.

Aloha! Can you bear the energy?

May 18, 2009

Hey Pet Society fans! The latest round of mysterious items has just been hidden away in “?”’s mystery boxes! So sign on to Pet Society via Facebook and head to the Mystery Store to see what you can find! (If you are currently playing, remember that you will need to save and quit and then reload to have a chance of finding these items!) “?” did supply a few clues which may (or may not) help you work out what you are looking for!

  • Aloha! Ride those waves! (Blue Mystery Box)
  • When you can’t bear to face the world, try this disguise! (Golden Mystery Box)
  • Low on energy? Brew the perfect coffee! (Golden Mystery Box)

These mysterious items can be found on Facebook only.

Updated! Here are the images!




Hibiscus Surfboard Deco

Bear Mask


Note that this update is Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind.

Please wait! Monday’s release will be late!

May 15, 2009

Hey Pet Society fans!

Just a little update for you!

Monday’s Shop Release on Facebook is being delayed until sometime between 8 am and 10 am GMT this Monday due to some exciting changes coming Monday!

Also this week’s mysterious items are being delayed until Monday for the same reason!

All the releases will occur at the same time on Monday, there will be blog posts when it happens, so you will know exactly when if you keep an eye on the Pet Society Blog!

The Playfish Team!

Tiddly-Winks’ Music

May 13, 2009

Written by: Yvette Jessen (Tiddly Winks)

Tiddly-Winks has so many hobbies that it sometimes seems as though she loses track of them all. She loves spending the spring days in her neighbourhood bumping trees, collecting coins, and savouring a piece of cheese after a hard day’s work.


Of course, the most enjoyable activity is to visit her friends. Each one is unique and special for variety of reasons.

Bubba always has a funny joke to tell, Harry tells her about the movies he has seen, Mookie and she enjoy looking at new furniture, Benjamina shows her the fine art of decorating a cheese room, Rio-Clarice and she go window shopping, and Skunk shows her his latest dance moves over sparking pear juice.


However, the thing that she truly loves is to make music. She enjoys music as much as she enjoys buying a new dress at the clothing store, or checking out her latest mystery box purchase.


One of her favourite places to go to play music is her friend Kokonee’s house. Kokonee is one of her best friends and they’ve known each other for a very long time. Whenever the two of them do get together, it is a given as to the activity they will choose first.

As soon as they hug one another, Kokonee immediately races across her living room to the acoustic guitar in one corner. She has no doubt been anticipating Tiddly-Winks’ visit as much as Tiddly-Winks had anticipated stopping by.

Kokonee begins to strum while Tiddly-Winks grabs the trumpet and brings it to her lips. After a proper warm-up tone emerges, the room is suddenly filled with cheerful music. This leaves both friends feeling very happy as the final tone fades.


Each day this happens whenever Tiddly-Winks visits her friend, and each day there is a feeling of joy that emanates from them as they play their favourite songs together.

Once the two friends have finished their jam session, they laugh before they head off to the café to sit down and enjoy a blueberry muffin or cheesecake. Their discussions are usually about their love of music and what songs they will be playing tomorrow.

Raining on “?”’s Parade

May 7, 2009

Hey Pet Society fans! “?” has just released some more mysterious items! So sit back, relax and pretend you did not read this, or (for more excitement) go travelling the Pet Society world to try and find what he has hidden this week!😉 To start searching, sign on to Pet Society via either Facebook or MySpace now! (If you are currently playing, remember that you will need to save and quit and then reload to have a chance of finding these items!)

While wondering around the town today, Sirius found a few pictures which she thinks “?” dropped, unfortunately they were a bit spoilt by the weather, but see if you can work out what they are.




(Blue Mystery Box)

(Golden Mystery Box)

(Golden Mystery Box)

(Oh, and if you are wondering who Sirius is, she’s a pet from the village who occasionally acts as one of my sources!)

Here are the images that have been kept safe from the weather!




Blue Wave Surfboard Deco

Turquoise Mini Bubble Chair

World Traveler Suitcase

Una enorme fiesta de Pets! (One enormous Pets’ party!)

May 4, 2009

Hey Pet Society fans! This week is full of festivities, so sign onto Pet Society now via either Facebook or MySpace to select some items for your pet to party with.

Cinco de Mayo is this Tuesday! So get into the Mexican spirit and celebrate all week with everything from sombreros and guacamole to piñatas and maracas! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 11th of May, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Black Sombrero (Clothes) (TWS)

Black Charro Pants (Clothes) (TWS)

Black Charro Jacket (Clothes) (TWS)

Black Cowboy Shoes (Clothes) (TWS)

Pink Jalisco Dress (Clothes) (TWS)

Pink Hair Piece (Clothes) (TWS)

Chilled Lime Juice (Food) (TWS)

Tamale (Food) (TWS)

Tortilla Chip (Food) (TWS)

Guacamole (Food) (TWS)

Equipal Sofa (Luxury)

Equipal Chair (Furniture)

Equipal Coffee Table (Furniture)

Sun Face Plaque (Furniture)

Blooming Agave (Furniture)

Terra Cotta Pot (Furniture)

Papel Picado Banner (Furniture) (TWS)

Blue Dining Table (Furniture) (TWS)

Pinata (Furniture) (TWS)

Yellow Dining Chair (Furniture) (TWS)

Maraca Decor (Furniture) (TWS)

Blue Wall Shelf (D.I.Y.) (TWS)

Blue Zapotec Rug (D.I.Y.)

Lemon Yellow Wallpaper (D.I.Y.) (TWS)

Orange Wallpaper (D.I.Y.) (TWS)

Mother’s Day is coming up in Pet Society! So spread the love with all these great gifts in the Food Store! The Send Some Love present needs to be purchased to send to a friend, when your friend opens the gift their pet will feel the joy of being loved!

Send Some Love

Red Carnation (TWS)

Pink Carnation Bouquet (TWS)

Mother’s Day Card (TWS)

E.M.I.L.I.A, in her robotic state of mind, does not concern herself too much with colourful celebrations or Mother’s Day (she believes she was manufactured, not born)! However, some mums may appreciate this Pink Blender or Charcoal BBQ Grill, so don’t forget to pay a visit to the Gadget Store.

Pink Blender (TWS)

Charcoal BBQ Grill

Despite really only wanting to dance the night away with the celebrations of Cinco de Mayo, Grumbles has a couple of more general additions to the D.I.Y. Store as well, which we are sure you will enjoy!

Dark Choc TV Storage Combination

Pink Orange Wall Panelling

And finally, this gorgeous Dark Queen Bed is introduced to the Luxury Store, it is sure to be a hit with any pets that have been searching for a new four poster bed!

Dark Queen Bed (TWS)

Winners of Weekly Draw Week 18

April 29, 2009

Hey all Pet Society Fans!

As you know there is now a weekly draw for those who are Fans of Playfish on Facebook.

Currently the draw is exclusive to our Pet Society Players.

This week we had our first draw, help us congratulate our winners!

  • Victoria and her pet Bruno
  • May and her pet Kiki
  • Antonella and her pet Afrodite
  • Pauline and her pet Bunny
  • Anthony and his pet Picku

They all received a nice sum of 10.000 Pet Society coins to spend however they wish!

Good luck to everyone else next week, but remember that you must be a Fan of Playfish on Facebook if you wish to participate in the weekly draw.

Song contest winners announced!

April 28, 2009

We were amazed by the level of quality on show for the Pet Society song competition. So good in fact that our only complaint is that you’ve made it really really hard to pick just three winners!

But pick them we must, so without further ado, it gives us great pleasure to announce the winners of the Pet Society song competition!

In third place is the excellent Bailey Love by OzencOnline. As with all the winners of the competition it’s superbly catchy, captures some of the things we love about Pet Society. We defy anyone to listen to Bailey Love without tapping their foot in time to it!

Second up is My Wife Loves Pet Society More Than Me! which was a fantastic little bittersweet song about a man whose wife may just love Pet Society more than him. An expertly crafted acoustic tune and some great work on the guitar… we hope your wife finds a little time for you as well as her pet soon, sodapete!

In many ways this is as much a joint first place with the other winners, but for sheer singalong genius we had to pick Because I Got Pied to edge out the other songs for the top spot. It made us laugh, it made us cry (with laughter), and by the end of the song we were even singing along. ardydelrosario, we salute you!

Thank you to everyone for entering! Entries were uniformly excellent. In fact special mention must go to the brilliant Pet Society Song, which fell down only due to being a little short… an otherwise superb offering from TribeSpirit and well worth a listen.

Until next time folks!

Because I Got Pied

Pet Society becomes the first game on Facebook to surpass 1,000,000 fans!

April 27, 2009

1 million pet society fans

We’ve been delighted to watch the continuous growth of Pet Society – our social virtual world on Facebook and MySpace. Since launch 8 months ago it has grown steadily to become the biggest game on Facebook by daily active users. Around 3 million people play every day, and around 11 million played in the last month alone. Today we’re delighted to announce passing another milestone – 1,000,000 fans! And it’s the first game on Facebook to get there!

‘Love’ has always been an important success metric for us at Playfish. Our teams across our studios work hard to create games that our players love to play together as much as we love to create them. ‘Love’ is, of course, difficult to measure in numbers, but there is one metric on Facebook – fans. And today we’re proud that Pet Society has passed the 1 million fan milestone as the first game on the platform! That means that over 1 million players have found the ‘become a fan’ link in the game and chosen to register themselves as a fan of the game.

As ever, we’re hugely grateful to all our players and their support and help in our efforts to evolve the game and make it better. We appreciate that the game has a monthly population that’s bigger than Belgium if it was a country and around the size of Ohio if it was a state. So we’re working hard on adding features, items and new exciting things to do in the game!

Please keep the feedback and suggestions coming. We can’t always reply to every mail and forum post, but we do read them and value all the comments we get!

Once upon a time…

April 27, 2009

Hey Pet Society fans! This week’s item release is now live, so sign onto Pet Society via either Facebook or MySpace to discover what your pet loves most this week!

Fairytale Mystery Eggs are now available in the Mystery Store! There are three fantastic scenes to collect! So make sure you pay a visit to “?” to enjoy the magical lands of fairy tales! Shown here are just a few examples of what you could find!😉

Fairytale Mystery Egg Vending Machine

Fairytale Mystery Egg

Child Bear



Visit the Furniture Store to celebrate May Day this Friday with the Maypole! Also, set up your pet’s office or study with this new desk and canvas organisers. In case you are still looking for more kitchen accessories, the Bread Box, Painted Bowl and Steel Milk Jug should help with this. Perhaps the most captivating item this week though, is the Pet Lisa Painting, which would be a great centrepiece for your pet’s living room!

White Canvas Organiser

Maypole (TWS)

Orange Canvas Organiser (TWS)

White Desk With Shelves


Painted Bowl

Steel Milk Jug

Tall Cactus

Pet Lisa Painting

Blue Upright Suitcase

Deluxe Toothbrush Set (TWS)

The Luxury Store introduces the intricately designed Royal Cupboard, the Oriental Long Bench and the Wooden Spiral Staircase (for those pets who would prefer to touch wood when going round and round while going up and down).

Royal Cupboard (TWS)

Wooden Spiral Staircase

Oriental Long Bench

The Gadget Store continues to expand its range of lighting options this week, plus adds a blender which should work well in any kitchen, and a water cooler which could also work well in your pet’s kitchen, but could be very practical in your office or study as well!

Bamboo Leaf Lamp (TWS)

Cute Bedside Lamp

Stainless Steel Blender

White Water Cooler

Lily has been on a very short trip to the mountains to bring this Alpine Boy outfit to the Clothes Store! While passing through airports on her way, she also ordered some great new options for girl pets!

Alpine Boy Shirt

Alpine Boy Hat

Alpine Boy Pants

Lapis Dress

Pink Bohemian Top (TWS)

The D.I.Y. Store has another item for the Classic Chic set this week! Additionally, there is a very fluffy carpet, which any pets sleeping on the floor may find comfortable. And finally, some cute and pink goodness, with the new wallpaper and window!

Classic Chic Shelf

Fluffy Grey Carpet

Cutie Heart Wallpaper

Cutie Heart Window


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